In family law matters, we can help you make decisions that keep your short- and long-term needs in mind.

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Working To Make Your Divorce Fair And Seamless

There are many things about divorce that people are unprepared for. Most people, however, are most worried about being able to spend time with and effectively parent their kids. You want to know that after a divorce, you will be able to maintain your kid’s interests, activities and lifestyle. We can help.

At Simon Law Group, PLLC, our focus is family law. We understand the intricacies and obstacles of every type of divorce. We are prepared to assist you with everything from relatively simple divorces to divorces with parenting time challenges to divorces that involve multiple property or elevated assets and everything in between.

Working With You In Property Division

Each divorce is unique in that there are different assets to consider. The law states that the assets of marriage will be divided equitably. This does not mean each person gets a 50% share. It means that there are many variables to consider when dividing assets such as who brought what into the marriage, who worked, who raised the children, who supported whom, what types of sacrifices were made, and so forth. We can discuss your specific scenario and the options you have.

Finding Resolution For Custody And Support Issues

After a divorce, both parents have an opportunity to make co-parenting work. We will help you to identify the past and current impediments and then find a workable solution to those snags. Our mission is to first protect your children. This means setting a priority to have their needs met. If your relationship has had a history of violence, abuse or parental alienation, we will take the steps needed to first and foremost protect you and your children. We will craft a plan that is workable and reasonable.

We have extensive experience with both child support and spousal support (alimony). While child support is based on a set scale, some factors can impact this. We can assess your specific situation and then determine the best path to take.

‘Nontraditional’ Marriages, Divorces And Issues

These days marriage is marriage and divorce is divorce, to a certain extent. There are unique issues that can affect same-sex/LGBTQ couples. Because same-sex couples have only been allowed to legally marry since 2011 in New York, the length of the relationship can be affected.

You may have cohabitated and shared assets but because you were not legally married, this can affect the way the court views which assets (such as pensions and retirement accounts) belong to you and your partner. We can discuss the best approach to dividing the marital estate as well as the custody issues that same-sex and LGBTQ + couples can run into. In child custody and support matters, we can guide unwed or same-sex/LGBTQ parents through the New York paternity process whenever warranted.

Reach Out To Begin The Discussion

We know you have questions. We will take the time to sit down with you, explain the process and fully answer the questions you have. We’re here to help. Call 631-920-4683 and arrange a consultation today. You can also reach us at our Commack, NY office via the website contact form. We serve family law and family law-related estate planning clients throughout Long Island.