Child Custody

Child Custody Mistakes You Should Avoid

Child custody is a critical issue in a divorce. Every parent fears the prospect of having reduced contact with their children and, with tensions at an all-time high, it is easy for one or both parties to make numerous mistakes that jeopardize their chances of their desired custody arrangement. Although a judge will ultimately render a decision based on what is believed to serve the children’s best interests, avoiding some of the most common custody mistakes will ensure you are not putting yourself at a disadvantage throughout the process.

Do Not Derail Your Chances of Obtaining Child Custody

The issue of child custody is an emotional one, but it is crucial for parents to set aside their feelings and convictions during these proceedings. Instead, you must rely on the sound legal advice of your family law attorney and avoid acting on impulse. Hiring an experienced attorney and following the guidance you receive are crucial steps in any case involving a custody dispute and neglecting to take these steps are, without a doubt, the biggest mistakes a parent can make.

Here are some other child custody mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not cooperating with your spouse: Even after your divorce, you and your former spouse will continue to be in your children’s lives, so proving that you can be a cooperative co-parent who supports your children’s relationship with their other parent is a critical factor a judge will examine when determining custody. If you refuse to compromise with your spouse, it will not do you any favors in court.
  • Fighting with your spouse or speaking negatively about him or her in front of the children: Whether you regularly argue loudly with your spouse in front of your children or badmouth their parent to them, this can backfire on you in a child custody dispute. Family courts believe that children benefit from the continued involvement of both parents in their lives, so this combative or negative attitude will not help your case.
  • Withholding visitation from your spouse: Unless you have a valid and urgent reason, you should not withhold visitation from your spouse during a custody dispute. You need to prove that you will help nurture the bond your children have with their other parent.
  • Failing to accurately document certain incidents: If your co-parent regularly keeps the children from you or otherwise interferes with your relationship with them, you need to properly document every detail, including texts, phone calls, dates, and times. It will serve as crucial evidence.

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