In family law matters, we can help you make decisions that keep your short- and long-term needs in mind.

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 A Local Firm That’s Really Here For You

When it comes to family law issues such as divorce, custody and asset division, you have a choice. At Simon Law Group, PLLC, we know that you have options. We also know that you want to work with an attorney who shows up for you and who offers you the legal and personal support you need.

As a firm focused on New York family law and related legal matters such as estate planning, we offer the concentrated knowledge and experience often necessary in complex divorce and family law cases.

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When Your Issue Requires Attention To Details

The devil, said Gustave Flaubert, is in the detail. At our firm, we know that what may appear simple or cut-and-dried at first often requires more time and effort than we initially expect. This is why we approach every issue with both an open mind and the knowledge of how that issue has been successfully resolved previously.

This approach enables us to anticipate any “curve balls” or new information as we move steadily forward toward resolution.

We also know, from many years of experience, that family law matters are also personal and emotional. If you have children, then it matters very much how much time you will spend with them and what the living arrangements will be. Of course, you worry that their lives will be disrupted and that the way they live and the comforts they have will not be the same.

We have a lot of experience with parenting and parental alienation matters. We offer seasoned guidance and always address matters involving your children with the utmost care and sensitivity they deserve.

We handle family law matters and divorces of every type and have extensive experience with the issues that same-sex and nontraditional relationships involve. We find creative solutions for a variety of out-of-the-ordinary issues; we are prepared to handle complex cases requiring financial forensics.

We also recognize the mindful response required for relationships that have a history of violence or manipulation.

Estate Planning And Divorce

Many parts of your life change when your marriage is dissolved, when children are brought into the world or when you adopt. You may need to update your beneficiaries, your power of attorney or your health care proxy. You may want to make changes to your will and the people you designate to care for your children if you be unable to should a tragedy strike. We can help with this.

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People often wonder when “the best” time is to address a family law matter or to create a will. There is, according to proverb collector John Trusler, no time like the present. His contemporary, Ben Franklin, expanded on this thought when he quipped “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”

At Simon Law Group, PLLC, we agree. If you are thinking of making a change, the best time to take action is very likely right now.

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