Simon Law Group specializes in resolving family, divorce, discrimination, and business issues and disputes throughout Long Island and New York City.  Notwithstanding the practice area, our approach is individualized to conform to the facts and circumstances of each case, and is always focused on achieving the best result for our clients: not the firm’s bottom line. What has made Simon Law Group successful is its client-focused approach, which is predicated on meaningful conversation with clients and attention to detail when it comes to fact-gathering and preparedness for Court.  With both experience and knowledge of your case, we are well-equipped to provide you options and results that are optimal.

From the Beginning

Simon Law Group ensures that you understand your options as each case can be approached and resolved differently: depending on the facts, venue, parties, and the like.  Based on the approach and option, the legal process may be different – and we are here to guide clients through that process. We are not married to a specific approach and are competent in reaching resolution through litigation, mediation, arbitration; in fact, at times, it may be best to pursue a hybrid approach to resolving a matter.  Historically, we have been successful in reaching resolutions for clients before engaging a formal legal process.  Nonetheless, some matters require judicial intervention, and in those cases our firm aggressively advocates your position and moves toward an expeditious resolution.

Communication and Information

We understand that clients seek counsel only during tumultuous times.  Clients need guidance and transparency.  As such, we strive, and are committed to catering to clients’ needs by making ourselves available for questions — and doing so without nickel and diming our clients.  From the inception of our representation, we make clear that cooperation and regular communication with our clients is imperative to reach optimal results.  We are committed to making our clients comfortable during the process.  Clients receive regular, and unprompted updates as to the progress of their matters, and also regular billing statements so they have a full record of the work we perform to resolve their matters.  Additionally, our firm has a plethora of professionals that we work cooperatively with to provide you affiliated tax, mental health, appraisal and valuation advice and information.

Family Matters

Resolving family matters is different than other legal disputes.  When it comes to family matters, clients require a special rapport with their attorney.  At Simon Law Group we have a heritage of treating your family as it were its own.  We offer compassionate advocacy that provides clients with invaluable insight, and pride ourselves in offering a genuine child-centered approach to resolution when children are involved.  This objective and compassionate approach assists clients in making decisions that are truly in their best interest and not focused on perpetuating the hurt, sadness, anger that is often time fueling these types of lawsuits. Our philosophy is also driven by a cost-benefit analysis and as such assists clients with reaching results that are less financially injurious to the parties.  Often times, parties that are left unchecked by their attorneys, are left in significant debt and loss of assets: we strive to navigate our clients away from such situations.  We believe that helping spouses and parents come to out-of-court resolutions is always the best because the parties are in the best position to know what is optimal for both their children and finances.  When one party is uncooperative or irrational, and Court is necessary, the Simon Law Group engages the process vigorously and competently.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination may come in many forms, including but not limited to sexual discrimination, racial discrimination and religious discrimination. Regardless of the type of discrimination, you have a limited amount of time to file a claim with the EEOC and to file a lawsuit against your employer. This is a complicated process, and hiring an employment attorney will ensure that you get fairly compensated if your case is proven.

Commercial Disputes

A commercial dispute may be any disagreement between two businesses or between a business and an individual. In many cases, the dispute is due to a payment default on delivery of goods or the finalization of a project. These types of cases can be very complicated, technical and can easily wear on you. You may need an attorney to help navigate and help ease the burden and stress associated with such matters.


The Simon Law Group provides free in-office consultations so please call our staff to schedule your appointment to learn your options.